Student Developer Pack not approved

I have applied previously for a student developer pack but it was not approved just because I am from a university that is well known in INDIA but that doesn’t issue a student email to undergraduate students, is that the only reason? I want a justice about this, then what is the meaning of the open-source community help to students, I mean giving privilege to more privileged is not an index of the overall development. Please review my application as I previously submitted by admission document which is full proof.

Please review my application because it is really needed for me, I am a continuous developer in open source community so I think it is my right to get the pack being a student , But i have no official email it is not my fault.

raise a support ticket about this send them this screenshot and all your other records that you are student my request is also reject first time but i raise a ticket and they approve my request then and now i am helping 1000+ students in my college to get them GSP and more than 250+ of them already got that

I have already done that and her here is my ticked it from github support but they always send me same mail we have a longer time than usual…please help me in this
Ticket Id : 662460

contact them on twitter they are fast on twitter i get my pack when i contact them on twitter

Can you suggest me what things should be mentioned In the tweet and is there any separate @ for the github support because I saw there is @github should I mention this only or there is any other @ for support team

you can mentioned them as @github @githubeducation @githubsupport

Thank you for your response and I already done that but they do not replied yet it us more than 12 hours ago I did that

it take 24 hours bro

Okk okk thank you …

Hi folks,

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We realize that you may require the virtual resources provided by GitHub Education now more than ever. We are doing our best to respond to student requests, and appreciate your understanding that it may take us a little more time than usual.

Posting on Twitter will not expedite your application.

We generally review requests in the order received. Unfortunately, we do not have an average wait time to share. Our verification team will contact you once they have reviewed your application.

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hey @ayan-biswas0412

I suggest you contact your university to issue institutional email. Actually it’s not just about github, there are tons of services for students to avail, but the common thing is that you need an institution issued email address.

Please write to your institution and ask them to use

The thing is both includes a free plan for educational institutions, institutes just need to avail them.

@akashprasher can you suggest me other tools like this which can be availed while a student ??

Be patient. It can take a while.

you will have to upload your college’s issued ID card which must be valid. And the Issued email id is not required if you do the process proper. If you have an college’s issued email is then they will approve you asap.

If you are having institutional email then you’ll get unlimited Cloud storage ~ Google Drive/OneDrive and other services, depending upon the provider of email.

Other things are:


  • Windows Education link
  • VMware Software link
  • Figma link
  • Autodesk Products for free link
  • Visual Studio link


  • Discount on Spotify Premium. link
  • Adobe Products (up to 60%) link
  • Amazon Prime (up to 50%) link
  • Ganna Premium link
  • Squarespace link

These are only those I know but you can find more. Whenever you want to try a product which costs something. Before paying for it try to search for Student Plan for that product.

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