Student deleted repo accidentally and couldn't recreate

I had a student delete her repo for a particular assignment. Then when she went back to the link for the assignment, she was not allowed to create a new repo. Is there some way to get the repo back and/or to create a new repo?


:wave: hi @hardin47

a few options:

1.) have the student create a repo with the same assignment name. Add her repo as a remote, and push to it.

2.) she might be able to re-accept the assignment–ask her to try again in a new browser. (This works 50% of the time in my experience).

3.) she could also checkout a branch that you can push to.

More details here: Setting students up for code reviews

Let us know how it shakes out.

By #1 do you mean for her to create a repo on her own GitHub site which just happens to have the exact same name as the original one? Will it then connect to the classroom somehow magically??

  1. didn’t work for us.

  2. I don’t really know what you mean by “checkout a branch”.



Hi @hardin47
by checking out a branch it means creating a new branch then pulling from the master branch

Ok, but I still don’t really know what that means because there is no repo (she deleted it). So she can’t have a branch from the master if there is no repo, right?

Just closing the loop here @hardin47–did your student create a new repo that you could add as remote and push to? Or did you find another solution?

In the end, she ended up emailing her pdf assignment to the grader. We were not able to figure out a solution on GitHub or GitHub Classroom. Feel free to close this query.

@hardin47 will you be going to SIGCSE this year? We’ll have training there that covers the aspects of Git your colleagues mention in this thread.

We’ll also have an asynch training soon that you can take at your own pace.