Student Dashboard


In my course, I developed 12 exercises so students can practice each topic.

So I wish I could monitor a student progress and see all the commits in one place other than access each exercise and check student by student commits.

Is there any place I can find a report for a single student and see all commits made by him through all exercises? Like a student dashboard? How are you monitoring student progress?

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If you visit the entry point of the GitHub organization associated to your classroom you’ll get a list of all the activities taking place therein, commits included. You can also register to the feeds to receive email notifications (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

If you aim to filter the feeds per student basis, I’m afraid you’ll have to resort directly to GitHub API and writ up a small script.

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Tks @pattacini ,

At the entry point I can see the last activities and also filter by a student github account. Filtering by students account allow me to see all the repositories cloned and commits made by a single student.