Student can't use integration


I am currently teaching a C programming class in which some assignments (including final projects) will be delivered and submitted via GitHub Classroom.

So far, I have given them a simple assignment to get them used to creating their repositories and working on their code with For most, the biggest hurdle has been learning the process of Accept --> Go to Repo --> Work on --> Commit & Push to Submit.

I have one student who has not been able to do this process at all. We keep encountering a situation similar to what is described in this post from May. When the student is asked to log in to in the interstitial (described in this reply), they do so, but instead of the repl pulling their repo, they get this screen:

We have tried multiple things, such as changing the permission settings, reinstalling the integration on her account, and on the Classroom’s Organization, to no avail.

The only thing of note that I can think of that might influence this behavior, for this single student out of a class of ~60, is that they are using a VPN. Either that, or they did something weird when creating their account that prevents from properly pulling the repo.

Has anyone else encountered anything similar?

Thanks in advance!

I get the same problem with the majority of my students - my work around is for them to click on the Sign Up button and click on the GitHub Icon.

My theory is that this is caused because I don’t add my students to my GitHub organization.

That’s what my student did: they click on Sign Up, then on the GitHub icon.

I added them to my GitHub organization as well, to no avail.

When my students signed up it seemed like they needed to authorize Repl a couple of times before it stuck. also created a Repl classroom and had students sign up for that. I think that is only necessary if your assignments are using private repositories.

Thanks for your input!

I think for the next assignment I will make the public repositories. If that doesn’t work, I will try making a classroom as well and see if that does anything for the one student for whom the system isn’t working.

Will update once it goes live and students start working on it. :slight_smile: