Student Assignment Invite Link Getting Stuck at create repository

I have a student trying to use an invite link for an assignment. They’ve done this successfully for a few assignments already. For the most recent assignment its getting stuck at “Creating Repository”. I’ve had this problem in the past. When I checked there was an empty repository for the student. In the past deleting the empty repo would allow them to go through the invite link again and everything would work fine. In this case it hasn’t fixed the problem. They’re progress bar for “Creating Repository” gets a little past 3/4s and gets stuck. I’ve checked an nothing gets created, not even an empty repo. Any ideas?

  • The assignment uses starter code from a non-template repo
  • The student is a member of the classroom
  • The student is not a member of the organization
  • Only one student has this particular problem

Where is the student located?

The student is part of the classroom though not part of the organization from where the starter code is from.

Hi, this stuck-at-create problem has come up before:

But it sounds like our workaround (deleting the repo from the instructor’s side, or manually inviting them as an outside collaborator) is not helping in your case. For another workaround, you might try manually creating the repo yourself (including the feedback PR, if you are using that), then adding the student as an outside collaborator. This should allow them to complete the assignment, but it won’t register with GitHub Classroom ( will still say that they haven’t accepted the assignment).

Nothing to add to what others have said, but I can say that since shifting to template repos for assignments two semesters ago this has not happened. It used to happen for almost every assignment before. If you start using template repos, you get the added benefit of not having a commit history in the repo which makes it easier to see how much interaction students have had.

If the reluctance to use template repos is due to lack of template support when cURLing to create the repo, you can add -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.baptiste-preview+json" to enable support for the is_template flag.

It’s also a simple checkbox on the assignment repository you create, if you provide a starting repo that is. I like to provide a starting repo even if just for a .gitignore or any res files they made need.

I believe these errors sometimes occur when the students haven’t accepted certain permissions as well. I’ve had to contact support and they had to send the student oauth request to resolve this and fix the repo.

If the students skip through or reject screens like these…

Be sure to use template repos rather than non-template. I had this problem this summer (2020) even with simple non-template repos. When I went to template repos, I no longer had any issues.