Streamline organization validation

(Vitor Rios) #1

I have a suggestion to facilitate the workflow of using GitHub Education. Since I don’t know if this a feature request for GiHub itself or Education team, I will put it here. If there is a better place for it, please let me know and I will move it there.

Whenever I create an educational organization, I have to validate it with an academic email. This is only a slight inconvenience, but still detracts from usability.

Since my account has already been validated as an academic account, and when I create an organization there is the option to mark it as belonging to a commercial organization, I suggest that there should be an option to mark it as an educational organization, perhaps with a field for me to send the necessary documents to validate it if it is the first time I create one. This would streamline the process for both us teachers, and the GitHub team who has to validate it manually (or maintain the bot that validates it)