Strategies for gaining LMS Privs to install GHC App?

I wondered if anyone has had any success yet convincing University IT staff to let you install the Classroom App in your LMS (I’m using canvas as detailed here, and unsurprisingly I find I don’t have the privilege to install a Canvas App into a class. Has anyone been in touch yet with their school IT staff to ask for permission? What concerns did the staff had, and how did you address them?

thanks much! i’d really like to try this app out, but can’t even see if it will work for me until I get access to a working installation :-/

@titaniumbones sorry to hear that. If you happen to have any success convincing your University IT staff please share with the community your experience.

Perhaps it would help if you could convince your University to be a part of the free GitHub Campus Program.



Looks like it will be a while before any request is approved :slightly_frowning_face: In the meantime, is there any kind of sandbox environment where I can fool around with the new capabilities?

Unfortunately we do not have a sandbox environment, but I would recommend applying for an Educator benefit and start using GitHub Classroom without the integration while you wait. I would be happy to assist you with getting started.

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