Strange behavior cloning assignments

Hi, everyone. After a good experience last spring, we’re returning to GitHub Classroom for the upcoming semester.


  • We’re using a template repo for our starter code
  • Enable feedback pull requests is checked
  • Student repos are set to private

Strange stuff

Testing our first assignment, we’re suddenly running into some strange issues…

  1. A our test student repo showed 3 commits this morning (a combination of those from the template repo and some created by GitHub Classroom on assignment creation) and now zero after downloading assignments earlier today even though our test “student” has pushed changes to their repo.

  2. Attempting to download student repos again using Classroom Assistant errors out for our test student:

Clone failed: an error has occured.

(Looks like a typo there as well). I have no idea what error was encountered, though.

Stuff we’ve checked

  • I don’t think this would prevent a clone through Classroom Assistant, but I’ve ensured the deadline is far into the future.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

The only thing I’m doing differently than last semester is experimenting with using feedback PRs.

…and now it is magically resolved! I’m guessing it may have been a service interruption of some kind.

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