Steps after Issues are marked Complete

Hi @ericdrosado!

I’ve completed the Assignments on GitHub and they have been labeled as Complete by @arelia, please let me know what are the further steps required from my side.

:wave: Hi @ShivamGoyal1899,

Our Campus Advisor Program Manager will contact you with next steps soon.



Hi @ShivamGoyal1899, great job on completing the training. However, the GitHub Campus Advisors Program is for faculty and you have a student coupon on your account. You may be interested in checking out the GitHub Campus Experts program which is for students:

Actually, I applied because I’m a teaching assistant at my university as well along with being a student, and the program page had an option for that. Can’t the same person be on both the programs, Experts & Advisors? Actually I have applied for experts program as well, that’s why I’m asking.

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