"Statement" of FERPA Compliance by GitHub

Thank you for all that you are doing to help faculty prepare students for a modern work environment…

Here is a nice statement on how this company’s services “comply” with FERPA:

For example, if I ask students to register with Office 365 and an administrator challenges me about this (“You are asking our students to register for Office 365–how do you know that it is FERPA compliant?”), I can refer the administrator to the above web page and let them know that I am not “compromising” students’ information.

Please, at your earliest “convenience,” “do what you need to do” to make sure that GitHub Education, GitHub Classroom, and GitHub itself can comply with FERPA. Then, please make a webpage similar to the above available. Then, faculty will be able to easily demonstrate compliance with FERPA.


It really would be an enormous help to many of us if we could share an official statement from GitHub Classroom to pass up the chain in our institutions (ex. “How does GitHub Classroom assist with FERPA compliance?”). That way they can make an informed determination about FERPA compliance.

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