Starting Javascript for Mobile an web app development

I need to know from where I start for these things i know more than basic html,css and python.

But don’t know anything thing about Javascript need write guidance for Mobile and web-app development using Javascript and it’s Framework…


There are a lot of ways to get where you want but you have to understand the differences first.
From native apps using Java or React Native to PWAs, you’ve to understand what you want to learn and what fit your needs.

Now, answering your question.
When you talk about Javascript framework I believe you’re referring to React, a well known and powerful library.
I recommend you start learning some Javascript and when you feel comfortable with it learn some backend technology (e.g. Node.js Express.js). Now you know the basics I would take a look into React followed by React Native or PWAs, depending of what you have in mind.

My recommendation is based on my own opinion and don’t mean by anyway that it’s the only way to learn things or even the best choice!