Starting in open source

I’m a back-end developer currently developing a game server in node for a small company. Its just a few month since I’ve started as a professional developer and now I feel I don’t want my job to be all the programming that I do. I want to develop something as my own project. But I can’t come up with anything.
I should say that I know a few languages and can learn a new language pretty fast and I prefer this side project to be in another languages, preferably in something with static and strong typing, either go or rust. But I also like elixir and erlang, so those are options too. I also prefer something that is used by developers. Something like some minor tool in a CI/CD toolchain , or like pm2, or anything useful to a developer.
Although I like to do this to have a side project, but I also like to do this as a means to get better at one of those other languages.
So…anyone has an idea? Or anyone maintaining an open source project needs an extra hand to do some coding?

Hello MassiveFermion , I have an idea I want turn into open source, care to contribute?