StackOverflow for Teams for Github Campus

Hi Everyone,

Having a look at the following:

I noticed the line under the ‘There’s More to Come’ section :
+Free access to Stack Overflow for Teams for GitHub Campus Program participants

Just wondering if anyone has information on if Free Stack Overflow for Teams is already a functional feature or if it is yet to be implemented ?


Hi @nghia-deakin Welcome to the community and congratulations on the first post.

For the Free access to stackoverflow, it is still a work in progress, the team will let you know when it is available.


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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the replies. If our school is already a Github program partner, how do we actually apply the access for Stack Overflow for Teams. Is there documentation somewhere showing this ?

@nghia-deakin! :wave:

A GitHub designated administrator from your school will need to contact us at to receive an application form to apply for our GitHub Campus Program <> StackOverflow partnership.

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