Speed of cloning assignments


I created my first assignment today using GitHub Classroom, hooray! One thing to note is that it has been a few hours since most of the students accepted the invitation but the repos are still getting the “Preparing your new Repository” message.

I was under the impression that the cloning was instantaneous. Am I wrong?

Thank you

Hi @wahalulu :wave:

That cloning should be instantaneous, though I’ve had it take up to 30 minutes before in peak periods.

When the students try it today, let me know if you’re still having trouble accessing your repos.

Hey Mark! (funny bumping into you here). That happened to me on average for 1 student out of 40 for each assignment last Fall. The cloning code might have improved since then, ie made more robust. However, if the problem persisted for more than a few hours I had to delete the stalled clone and manually reclone it with the appropriate name (ie student’s GH handle preprended to the repo’s name). It was evident after just 10 minutes or less that it needed manually recloning, because when it goes through without a glitch the cloning is instantaneous.

Hello @mozzadrella and @wahalulu and @danfulop. Thanks for posting about this topic. I have used GitHub Classroom throughout the past academic year and never noticed any problems like this. However, today, students in multiple laboratory sessions at Allegheny College are not able to get past the “Preparing your new repository…” step. Several students have waited for about 30 minutes and never received a repository.

What are the specific steps that you took to solve this problem? If possible, if would be great if you could post them here so that could share them with the introductory computer science students who are currently waiting to complete their laboratory assignments. Okay, any insights that you can share are greatly appreciated.

After using GitHub classroom in various classes for the past year, I convinced the CS department to use it for the 400+ students taking CS2 this semester and today this started happening for many students as well. It’s our first week using GitHub classroom, so the timing on this is very unfortunate. Temporary glitch, or can we expect to see this in the next round of labs starting at 8am tomorrow morning?!

@rjsvcs we’re the biggest user of the repository importer in the GitHub API. Unfortunately it was acting up this week. Deepest apologies and everything should be sorted now.

So far this week’s lab has gone off without a hitch. I’m glad to hear that it was just a momentary blip!

Hi there,
I’m in the 2nd assignment of a class of just under 200. I’ve had 2-3 cases of repos taking up to 30 min to be created for the 1st assignment.
However in the 2nd one, I have one stuck since yesterday evening.
Another one turned out to be blank (maybe the student pressed cancel? I don’t know) and I had it populated with files manually.

I look for “0 commits” in the assignment page to discover those.
It would be nice if these came up in a special page, at least until this issue is fixed for good.