Sorting of Student Repositories

(Waqar Saleem) #1

I am looking at the assignment submissions to a homework on GitHub Classroom. I cannot for the life of me make out how they are sorted, nor do I see any option to sort them. I have 5+ pages of repositories. Will I have to exhaustively search all of them to find the ones I need?

(Ugo Pattacini) #2

As a quick workaround, leave for a moment the classroom dashboard and visit the main page of the GitHub organization containing the students’ assignments. There, start typing within the search field the name of the student whose repo you are looking for.

(Yann Thierry-Mieg) #3

How is that close to answering the need of classifying the dozens or hundred assignment submissions under random goofy names ?
At least sort by e.g. number of commits as first metric.

(Waqar Saleem) #4

@pattacini’s workaround is not perfect but worked for me as follows. All repositories for a given assignment have a fixed prefix, e.g. homework-1-. At the beginning of the semester, I saved the GitHub ID of each student. So now, on the organization page on GitHub, I type homework-1- followed by the GitHub ID in the search field, and the repository appears in the search result.

Hope this helps.