Some students "not accepted" in a group assignment


I have a group assingment where some students are getting in OK, others show as “Not accepted”. I created a roster with their email addresses, is it possible that this is the cause? Maybe their account was created with a different email address?

And most importantly, how can I get these students in?



Can you see any linked account on the roster identifier you provided if you visit the Classroom Roster?
Maybe a different student linked to the wrong identifier.

I believe acceptance or not is based on whether the student themselves clicks on a email address (from the roster you provide) to make the connection. Are students reporting that they can’t get in, or are you just seeing “Not accepted”? If it’s the latter, that may just be student behavior.

Students did not report anything, I was just checking and saw this. However they managed to get in somehow, maybe they tried again with the invite link, I don’t know. It’s solved now, so thanks!