Some basic privacy questions

We’ve used GitHub and GitHub pages for student work for the last two years, with an organisation to keep things in one place and apart from our own work. We’d like to start using Classroom, but never had enough time to set it up.

However, this year we’re being asked to ensure that students can’t see each other’s repo code. The requirements are as follows. Using only education accounts:

  1. only one student (the repo owner) should have access to their repo
  2. the student repos need to be private
  3. allocated individuals (tutors, second markers, moderators) need access all student repositories
  4. same requirements for GitHub pages

I’ll look through Classroom, but some quick pointers about the above might help speed the process. We start on October 1st and these requirements just landed, with a suggestion that we use an in-uni GitLab installation instead, but I can preserve what we have already started on GitHub if I can reassure people.

Hi @DaveEveritt,

Just follow these instructions to join the GitHub Education and you’ll be allowed to create free private repositories in your organization.

Once done with that, from within your GitHub Classroom dashboard you can open a classroom over your organization and then create assignments.

If the assignment is marked as private, then each student will receive a private repository into your organization for which he/she will be made a collaborator.

From the classroom dashboard, you can also invite tutors to participate.

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