SIGCSE: Who's going to be there?

Hi fellow educators, Vanessa here.

Trying to plan some fun stuff for the GitHub educators who will be at SIGCSE in Seattle in March 2017 (I know @robmuh was curious).

Who will be there?

(And also importantly, would be up for snacks?)

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I am afraid I will be in the middle of my semester during that time, but please keep me informed. Eventually I hope to get our operations smooth enough to leave for these sorts of things. Thanks.

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I will be at SIGCSE in Seattle. I am looking forward to talking with the folks from Github.

I’m working with a grad student at UCSB on developing a suite of open source tools that integrate with the way I use github in my courses. The tools are at an early stage right now but as they become more mature, we’ll share them in case others find them useful as well.


Phill Conrad,
Lecturer (SOE), (teaching track equivalent of tenured associate professor)
UC Santa Barbara, Dept. of Computer Science

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Hi @pconrad we’re hammering out the details for our session right now & will post them here. Hope to see you there!

Currently, I am planning to attend. Hopefully this will not change.

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@smhanes15 excellent–we hope to see you there :slight_smile: