SIGCSE 2019: Teacher's choice

(Vanessa) #1

Who is planning to come to Minneapolis in February?

We are very excited to see you there!

Would you prefer to hear about:

A: Automated assessment

B: Getting my course up and running

C: Advanced Git

D: Something else?

Let us know!

(Paul Inventado) #2

I’m planning to attend SIGCSE and would love to hear about automated assessment :slight_smile:

(Anthonybsouthwestern) #3

Interested in A or C, or to hear what others suggest.

(Bgarnb) #4

I would love the chance of being there. Unfortunately, I am too far. Please consider to share some of these materials with us. Automated assessment is really a very interesting topic!

(Nasseef Abukamail) #5

A or C or both. Thanks.