Show student's roster name instead of github username

(D Makarenko) #1

Hi there!

I am testing out roster feature, and it works great, but I have one minor issue with it. When I go to the Assignment dashboard I see only students github usernames and can’t see roster name. This is quite troublesome as I don’t want to force students to use their actual names on github and the same time I want to see student’s name right next to the assignment.

I think userjs script can fix it, but there should be easier way to do that.
Any advice?

(John Britton) #2

Hey @d-makarenko, this is great feedback. To be clear are you talking about the page for one particular assignment or the list of all assignments for a given classroom?

(D Makarenko) #3

Hello, yes, I am talking about the page for one particular assignment. I’m not sure if I can see any participants on the page with all assignments at all.

(Jeff Tyson) #4

I would also like to see this feature added for the roster. I thought that would be one of the advantages of putting my 50 students in the roster!

(James Brucker) #5

I would like to see this, too. (See students’ real name on page for 1 github classroom assignment.)
Right now, it seems the roster really isn’t integrated very well with Github classroom.

(D Makarenko) #6

For now I’m just using simple userscript for replacing github login with roster name. It is clunky and requires manual assosiation login<->name, but solves the problem.

You can get it here, but don’t blame me, I never wrote JS before :slight_smile: . To use it you need to install Tampermonkey extension for your browser and add this script.

(Hendy Irawan) #7

@johndbritton Truly agree with @d-makarenko’s suggestion (or more accurately “bug report”). Currently you show roster names before a student joins but displays only the GitHub username after the student joins. This should be fixed so that both names are displayed (after student joined)

I said this was a bug because on the “Manage classroom” page it says:

After deleting your roster, repos and submissions will be identified by GitHub handle instead of your roster identifier.

By that standard it’s a “bug” because even with the roster, submissions are not yet identified using the roster name anyway. I hope this can be fixed soon. Thanks in advance!