🛍 Get a GitHub swag bag for your classroom

If you are a verified instructor using GitHub in the classroom, introduce yourself then request swag for your students in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox, which includes:

We’ll also include some motivators like GitHub stickers, posters, and a few GitHub t-shirt gift cards redeemable at the GitHub Shop, which you may use to reward your best students.

You can request swag via an offer tile in your Teacher Toolbox.

Now that you’ve got the info you need to request your swag bag, why not start a new topic?


Thank you, teachers! This semester you requested materials to help teach almost 20-thousand students worldwide, which we were happy to send.

Remember: If your swag bag resources have been exhausted just contact us again to replenish your supply!


For those of you who do not require printed copies and are instead utilizing the PDFs linked above, please see this post to download a soft copy of the GitHub for Robotics comic book.


:truck::package::package::package: This year we sent GitHub educational materials far and wide, to small schools and large universities, for professors with several hundred students and teachers with only a handful. The offer has been so successful that we’ve decided to continue it for as long as you find it valuable.

So let us know if you need more! As a verified teacher you may request a swag bag each semester.

It’s not too late to request a restock for the Fall!