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Hi everyone,

I want to start using Github classroom in my course. As a first assignment, I would like the students to install git and get to know the basic git workflow. Now before I write the gazillionth assignment/tutorial on git usage, I was wondering if anyone has a good template repository that I could use as starter code?

In general, one great benefit from Github Classroom could be to provide great teaching material as OER in the form of starter code templates. This way we teachers need not re-invent the wheel, but could modify a high-quality open source template to our liking. So far I am having trouble finding templates of other teachers. Are there lists/tips for searching etc.? Is there a platform for sharing template repos?

Thanks for your help!



Not a template repository but I found a learning lab course. Check, If this helps


Hi @joergbrech

As far as I know, there isn’t a tool that collects starter codes yet. Hence, you’d need to rely on the GitHub search engine or, obviously, Google.

At any rate, as @sakethramanujam has already pointed out, besides the GitHub Classroom you might find the GitHub Learning Lab quite appealing. This platform contains specific paths for teaching/learning Git and GitHub that may inspire you.

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