Setting up assignment repository very slow/hangs: issues seem specific to my account

I’ve just set up an assignment in Github Classroom for the first time. I added a student and got them to set up the assignment repository, but this sits forever waiting for “Creating a Github repository …”. What might be going wrong here? (I have a template repository)

We did a bit more investigation into this issue. We found that:

  • after adding another user as an owner, if they create an assignment, then that one can be set up as normal, unlike what I’m getting.
  • if that user creates a new classroom, then if I create an assignment there, then that assignment can be set up as normal.
  • when I create an assignment, I don’t get the option to choose a template repository or not, see the attached screenshot.

In contrast, when I configure exactly the same assigment as Colin, I see:

I’m having the same issue. When accepting the assignment, the progress bar (for creating the repo) slows to a crawl and never completes. Some more info:

  • the source repo is a private template
  • the students are not members of the organization
  • only one student is currently affected
  • the same student had no trouble with other assignments
  • the student’s repo exists but they have not been added as an outside collaborator

I suspect the last point is the most relevant.

edit: I tried manually adding the student, and I got a red bar on top saying that the user was already added invited. Upon refreshing the page, the user appears in the collaborator list with “Pending invite” status.

Hi, this is just for future solution-searchers, but when you invite somebody to a private repo on normal github, they also have this “Pending invite” status. You literally have to send them a link to that repo’s page on github, there is no other way they will even find out they are invited.