Searching all pull request feedback for an assignment

Is there a way to search through all the pull request feedback messages for a given assignment?

Here is the specific scenario: I’m near the end of grading an assignment, and I see something in the current student’s submission that reminds me of another student’s submission; but, I can’t remember who the other student is. I’d like to “grep” all my comments for this assignment to figure out who this earlier student is.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is (I might be wrong).

If you have a list of all the repos, you could do an API call on issues comments for issue ID 1 and grep the data.[ ].body of each comment (for each repo).

What might help, if you have all the assignment repos cloned to your local machine (you can do this using Classroom Assistant) and open the parent folder in VS Code; if you have the GitHub extension, you can quickly switch between all the pull requests, which would allow you to go back through your comments without having to open a lot of links.

Did you try doing a search through all open PRs in the organization that holds your classroom? Would that work?

That should actually give you all the PRs with the Text in it from where you could determine the repo/student. Of course, you’d need to remember what you wrote back then.

Or did I just completely misunderstand what you’re trying to achieve?

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That’s exactly the type of thing I’m looking for. Thanks.

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