Running autograding tests locally

Is there a way to run the autograding tests locally in our computers and via terminal?

Hello @Mohammadreza99A! I’m new here, still learning (a lot), but I’ll try to answer for you.
In my perspective, autograding that runs on GitHub is precisely the same you can run on your computer… in my case, for example, I use Linux, so the script to execute my autograding task is “make test”. If I clone the repository locally (or any of my students), they just need to type “make test” and exactly the same thing would happen on their computer.
Here is some explanation of the process I’m using:

If it’s not Linux you’re using, for example Windows, you’ll need some extra setup to achieve the same functionality (I’m assuming C/C++ autograding tests, but it could be Python, Julia, or anything else). I think the easiest way on Windows is to install WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux: so that you’ll have easy and direct access to the same commands as autograding task running on GitHub.

I hope this can be helpful,
best regards!