Running Action during fork generation for students

I am implemented an Action in my task template that switches the actual task description when forking. Each student receives an individually generated work sheet in this way.

The mechanism works fine, if students fork the template manually by pressing “fork” on GitHub webpage directly. But when I use the template in a classroom and invite a colleague for testing purpose the Action was not executed. This is an intended behavior?

Do I have another opportunity to generate variable task sets?
Looking forward to your ideas!


Template repositories work differently from forks.

However, you can follow these instructions and trigger your action upon the create event.

Dear Ugo,

Many thanks for the fast answer! As I understood the documentation create is only triggered for new branches etc. But it works for the initialization of the whole repository too?

Thank you again!


Apparently yes! I didn’t try it myself as that was only the result of a search conducted inside the GitHub community (great source of info, btw).

Anyway, it’s quite easy to test it and see whether the action will get triggered.


I’ve just made a quick test and it worked as expected.

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