Roster vs Teams in GitHub Classroom

This semester I’ve set up a GitHub Classroom for my intro to C++ class and shared starter code and other material by creating a Team within the organization (from organization page and not the classroom dashboard) and adding all the students to that team.

However, as I’m now setting up my (coding) final exam, I noticed the “Create an assignment” feature that lets you automatically create a private repo for each student. I’m tempted to use it but I’m worried because I didn’t use the “Manage Roster” feature to add people to the class and instead just set up the students as team members to the class organization.

Will I encounter any problems if I use the Assignment feature and provide students with the “Invite Link” when they are not technically on the roster?


:wave: Hi @kbuffardi,

You don’t need to use rosters in order to make teams in Classroom. Just be aware that teams made on (not in Classroom) will not flow back to Classroom. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for the reply.

But just for clarity… even though they are not on the roster, if I give students an Assignment invitation link they will still be able to get their own private repos (as I set up the starter code in the repo)?

(a bit late, but…) that’s right, al lthey need is an invitation link. From what I cna se,e the Roster functionality is sort of limited right now, and doesn’t seem to add al lthat much to the course.