Reviewers and teams question

Im trying to make Module 3: Exercise 2. I face off two problems:

1 - Whats the reason that i couldnt add reviewers to my repo ? I knew or readed that to add a reviewer first of all it has to be added as collaborator.

I was

Edit: solved the reviewer. It has to be the nickname without @. ( ; . As pointed out by @ConsoleFriend

2 - Theres no teams in CampusAdvisor ? Seems that all the teams are secret by default, so i created my own team EduardoTeam and a new one public in order someone could be added.



Hi @ejgutierrez74,

For the first question, you should be able to add mozzadrella if you remove the @ symbol infront of the name you’re trying to add in the collaborators. Github looks for the exact username and includes the @ as a character in the username which isn’t the case on Github.

As for the second question, you should be able to pick a team from the Classroom overview, not from the Github organisation. When you follow the assignment details this should be the first screen you come across via the Classrooms link.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @ConsoleFriend

1 - I have added mozzadrella and ccannon as collaborators. I have to wait their accept the invitation, and then add them as reviewers…Now i have sent invitation to be collaborators and cant add them as reviewers.

2 - When i click in the module 3 - Exercuse 2 assignement ( to accept)… Then i get this… no way to add or select a team…


Hi @ejgutierrez74,

Ah nice to hear the first one’s resolved!

As for the second one, it looks like you’ve made a team the first time you entered this assignment. To restart/reset someone with admin access on the Campus-Advisors Classroom could remove your repo so you’d be able to join an existing team/ view existing teams. I’ve encountered this during my own courses when students missed spotting groups before creating their own.

I guess that’s probably something @ccannon94 or @mozzadrella could assist you with.