Revalidation Education Account

Would it be possible to revalidate by submitting a link to my university profile web page?

The process is somewhat annoying, my university id is not accepted because it does not state a date of expiration. The latter may make sense for students but not for full time employees with permanent contracts. So now I need to have administration write a letter, print it and then take a picture of it… Really?

Submitting a screenshot of my institutional webpage, along with the URL, worked great in my case.

Try it out!

@pattacini Thanks for letting me know, good advice.

Did a similar thing also including a LINK to my institutional page. Was already revalidated. Nevertheless, it could be done just by submitting the URL directly…

Hi everybody,

Faced the same problem. All my organisations have been downgraded to Free account (or something like that, up to marketing to decide the right terms) whereas I was working with 2 classrooms and 100 students …
But I will stay like that, the only regression I noticed according to my needs is that I cannot do Github Pages with privates repo.

Any other critical consequences ?

Thx, Frédéric BAUCHER.

Hi @frederic-baucher

The GitHub Team Plan reports on the advanced tools you may miss with a free plan.

Also I started using Packages and Actions and I believe there is a difference to free plans (although I am currently not close to limits).

However, while still being inconvenient (and in my opinion also a bad process provided by GitHub) the approach of sending a document (with a current date) which included my profile page was successful.

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