Reusing Team Names across Assignments

I encounter an issue when some student teams are renamed across assignments.

The Good Case: Sometimes the student teams in my course remain unchanged throughout the semester. So the set of teams I create on GitHub Classroom for the first assignment is reused for all subsequent assignments. All is well!

The Bad Case: Other times, for various reasons, some student teams in my course change from Assignment A to Assignment B. Correspondingly, I create a new set of teams on GitHub Classroom for Assignment B. Now, the unchanged teams from Assignment A can no longer reuse their team name for Assignment B. GitHub tells them that their team name is already in use. This is problematic.

One solution is to embed the assignment number in the team name, so all students enter a new team name for each assignment. This is tedious for the students whose teams did not change.

Has anybody else faced this issue and worked out a solution?

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