Restrict outsiders to create private repo in GitHub Classroom

(Sophie Si) #1

As far as I know, anyone who has the url of the individual assignment that I created can access my private Organization used for GitHub classroom. Is there a way to restrict outsiders (not members in this organization) to create there own private repos when accepting the assignment?

(Dan Wallach) #2

The short answer is that you restrict who sees the Classroom URLs. I keep everything within my private course Piazza, so outsiders never see the URLs.

(Kristóf Csorba) #3

Hi everyone! Just a short comment on this: make sure your students know not to create repositories with names offending people, violating political correctness and such things. Otherwise, the automatic bots of github will flag your entire organization and block all repositories, all student groups. (And you have to kindly ask the support team to release the blocking and remove that repository.) I ran into this the second time in 3 weeks… you may want to avoid it. :slight_smile:

(Brian Langel) #4

Hello, ran across this post and curious to know if anyone from GitHub or an active maintainer of the GitHub Classroom project can comment on this. I think I understand the original poster’s reasoning, @SophieSi, as to why this is an issue. I would love to see the following feature within GitHub Classroom:

Ability to create a GitHub Organization/Team and restrict GitHub Classroom URL creation to only those users within the GitHub Organization/Team. This would allow me to create my roster of students as a Team and ensure that only members of that team are allowed access to the homework material. The reason this is important to me (and why @danwallach’s solution isn’t practical) is that my students will share the URL to other friends/students who are not enrolled in the course. It’s important for me to restrict this access to only those within the current course as the homework assignments will often be reused across semesters and allowing students access to these when not in the course gives them access to material and proposed solutions prior to them taking the course.


(Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel) #5

I also agree that this would be a good feature. I hadn’t thought about students sharing the links with others, though that’s certainly a concern, especially for high-risk assessments like exams. I post my homework assignments publicly but would like to keep exams private and for my enrolled students’ eyes only. Additionally, the need to hide URLs from the public means I need to post them somewhere other than my public course page, which is ok, but is an additional step that could be avoided if this feature existed. Hope to see it in the future!

(Dave Musicant) #6

I just came across this old topic, as it’s a problem that I’m having. I’ve just begun using GitHub Classorom for the first time this fall. I was surprised on my second assignment to discover 8 created repos that don’t correspond to anyone in my class. When examining the user pages for the people who created them, it’s clear they’re from elsewhere in the world. I’ll have to start hiding these links rather than just having them on my assignment page, but I’ll admit that it’s cumbersome to have to do so.