Research Lab - Personal Acct vs Organization Acct

I would like to set up a GitHub account for my research project where my team can share code.

What’s the advantage of using an “Organization” account rather than an individual account? How much does it cost to have an Academic Research -Organization Account?

It seems that the individual account allow extensive collaboration already and is less expensive.

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Hi @SurgeryAI,

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With Github Enterprise :

  • ←Everything included in Team
  • SAML single sign-on
  • 50,000 Action minutes/monthFree for public repositories
  • 50GB of GitHub Packages storage
  • Advanced auditing

With Github Free :

  • Unlimited repositories
  • 3 collaborators/private repository
  • 2,000 Action minutes/monthFree for public repositories
  • 500MB of GitHub Packages storage
  • Automated security updates

With Github Pro :

  • ←Everything included in Free
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • 3,000 Action minutes/monthFree for public repositories
  • 1GB of GitHub Packages storage
  • Code owners

With Github Team :

  • ←Everything included in Pro
  • Team access controls
  • 10,000 Action minutes/monthFree for public repositories
  • 2GB of GitHub Packages storage
  • GitHub Security Advisories

With Github One :

  • ←Everything included in Enterprise
  • Community-powered security
  • Actionable metrics
  • Continuous learning
  • 24/7 support

As a Teacher you could go with Team or Enterprise, you can invite your students with a code and they will be able to work remotely using Git Desktop version.

If you need more informations, you can reach The Sales Team and they will guide you.

Regards, Armand B.