Requesting Github SWAG for Community

Hello, My name is Amit and am from Ranchi, Jharkhand. We have a small Github community in our region. I lead the community and am looking for some swag. It will be great if we get swag for our Github Community.

Hey, :v: how are you, Amit? GitHub Campus Expert here, I’m 99% sure that GitHub can send to you A #swag for your Community. Just check both Students and Teacher sections. If you have a teacher interested in swag, he can personally send the request and the swag will be delivered with no problem. For students, the best way it’s becoming a GitHub Campus Expert, check here,

Have a great day!!


Thanks for your response. :slight_smile: :+1:

can a student request for swag if he is not a campus expert?

hey I am not github campus expert but I lead a small community in my college , so to motivate them can I get swags??