Requesting for GitHub Swag Bag for my community

Hi, I’m a student at the City University of Science and Information Technology, we don’t have any GitHub Campus Expert(Student) nor do we have GitHub Campus Advisor(Teacher) at the University.

tl:dr; I recently applied for GitHub Campus Expert, but unfortunately, I did not meet the requirements for being one, and I can’t re-apply until August,16 of this year, I lead a small community of Web and Mobile Developers at the university, and I want to cheer the community up by providing some cool stuff, I usually do it by my expense but I heard in a forum that GitHub also provides different swags.

How can I request for Swag Bag for myself and my fellows we are about 6 students as of right now.


I’m Muhammad Afzal and 2 weeks ago i gotta accept as GitHub Campus Advisor First time in the Pakistan. and i also received the GitHub Education Swag pack for students. But as you already aware of current situation of whole world due to Covid-19, for this reason right now we can not do any physical activity. But you can contact me later on for physical gathering where i will also bring the GitHub swags for student. due to current situation i am able to support your community in online training. for more assistance you can directly send me message :slight_smile: .

Best Regards,
Muhammad Afzal

Best Regards,


GitHub Campus Advisor First time in the Pakistan

@kumarrahul02 Thank you.