Requesting for GitHub Swag Bag for my classroom

My name is Temidayo, an instructor for Kids coding for summer schoolHeard of GitHub Swag Bag for my Classroom, taking several classes for Kids coding and i have been looking forward to have GitHub to support our student groups (UnilagGDG-University of Lagos Google Developer Group) where we take programming and software development training per semester, also Kids Coding for Summers School (Targeted at Kids) and a forthcoming classroom session that will last 10weeks and it is a recurring session every 10weeks. Hence, the need to get motivation and utilisation of this powerful and useful resources to meet a global standard and best practice.
The Process involved and according to the @sanicki, post I will like to know and as well have the GitHub Education Case studies to get started.

Currently students are registering and as of this very moment we had 94 ready registered student while registration closes in 48hours from now, and our mail address is Gubabi Safe Plaza,194, Herbert Macaulay Way, Makoko, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Hi @temmyadex,

Please follow the steps listed here:

To request your swag bag, you’ll want to use


@sanicki thanks for the update, I have actually taking the steps as highlighted above.

@sanicki please when will this be confirm as I had done the teacher introduce yourself earlier like 16days back, how soon will the confirmation be?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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@temmyadex I see no request by you using Please follow all of the steps outlined in the link I previously provided.

@sanicki thanks for the time to review and escalate this, I have gotten that fixed now, a proper request has been made, population for a class of 248 students cut across different grade and level.


how I use the GitHub Shop T-Shirt Gift Code.

how I use the GitHub Shop T-Shirt Gift Code.

@sanicki I requested the swag pack for my students but did not get any update, can you please tell me that when will I get the pack

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