Repository creation error after accepting Classroom assignment

Some of my students have started to experience the following issue recently:

  • they accept an assignment via Classroom link
  • Classroom shows that it creates a repository
  • when you go to the repo you see the following message:

We’re sorry, something went wrong.
We were unable to clone starter code repo’s contents into student repo. Please delete this repository and try again.

But deleting and trying again doesn’t help.
Not all students experience this, but many.

We are also experiencing this issue with some of our students.

By any chance, is your starter code private and hosted in an organization different from that one used for the assignments?

If yes, please refer to the following announcement:

Please read if you are using starter code outside of your GitHub Classroom organization for an assignment.

No, we only have one organization. It also seems to work for most of our students (98 teams could create their repos without any problems), but there are currently 4 teams that keep running into this error.

As a workaround, I deleted the affected teams from our organization and had the students create new teams with different names. This seems to have done the trick (at least for now).

Anecdotally, it might also be enough to just delete the affected teams and re-create them with the same names.

No, I’ve already stumbled on that issue earlier this year. All starter code resides in the same organization where assignments are created.

This is already the 3rd assignment for most of my students - everyone had no issue with the 1st assignment, the majority didn’t have any issue with the 2nd assignment and now some students have troubles with the 3rd one, while very few of them - with the 2nd.

It’s like just started to happen today - no one had reported any issue before that. Also, it’s not related to repositories - some students can activate an assignment successfully, while some cannot - from the same starter code repository.

And deleting student’s Github accounts is definitely not an option, those are their personal accounts, even removing them and adding to organization back is highly undesirable.

I think that @mcschroeder meant deleting the teams used for the group assignments and not the students’ accounts themselves, which would sound definitely disruptive instead.

Yeah, I guessed as much.
Not my case though - all assignments are individual.

Hi :wave:

We had a few tickets about group assignments running into problems. We just released patch and this problem should be resolved :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@geluspeculum I saw that you opened a ticket through support and we will be taking a look into this issue. We will send you updates through the ticket once we have something to update you on.

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