Repositories for University

Good, I have several concerns, in the University that I am currently as a student, we are creating an academic project which is based on academic non-scientific repositories (pensum, sylabus, learning documents), and that the student community can generate feedback apartir Of what is uploaded through a comment.
What we have so far:

-A free account of a github
-A CMS by Jekyll
-A DB with firebase

What we want to have:

  • React.js technology implemented
  • Enough storage space for all documents uploaded.

This are my questions:

-There is some discount as an organization for this case.
-If we want to use github as document storage and page hosting, in this case what plans can you offer?

Hey William! :wave:
This project looks similar to something that I worked on in my university. What we made was a Github organization in which we have documents, projects and resources for other students to use on their own classes.

My recommendation is that you have a github organization with a team of students/teachers that can collaborate with you and crowdsource some of the contents that you want to upload to the organization as an independent repo. This can help you organize the information you hold and facilitate access to the content.

As of this month, we just uploaded our first 100% crowdsource project in which people organize themselves to build an open source civic chat bot for Mexico City and we have some cool results in which people have been collaborating with the project for several reasons such as learning, providing feedback, etc.

Feel free to give a look at the repo and the organization


A faculty member may apply for unlimited free private repositories for your student group or academic research organization.

Please see this article for storage limits, and contact GitHub Support if you have any follow-up questions about limits or use of GitHub Pages.

Thanks a lot :smile: