Repo Issues notifications

This is probably a GitHub forum question, not GitHub Education specific, but I’ll ask here first…

I fill out Issues for my students as feedback after they “submit” an assignment. In other words, they work on an assignment repo each and there is a due date, and after that due date I pull down the repos and grade, and while grading I give them feedback as filed Issues (as in the Issue tab for their specific repo). Basically I’m filing a bug / ticket for each feedback I decide to give them. Sometimes it’s just 1 per student repo, sometimes I separate them, sometimes I file none at all because the student followed all directions and gets a 100%.

Anyway, my question is… when I file an Issue (or update it), the individual students (who obviously have access to their individual repos because they committed and pushed code to them), aren’t getting any notifications about those Issues (like none of them are). I’m sure it’s a permission / preference thing for them to be notified about Issues of a repo they are on. But the thing is none of them are getting it all, and they want them, so they can see their feedback without having to go to their specific assignment repos and seek them out. I figured just being on the repo that they’d be enrolled to get those notifications by default and can then opt out, but no…

How do I set this notification / preference thing up by default for them?

Answer: just assign the Issue to them :woman_facepalming:

I guess I was assuming they’d get it because they are the only other “developer” on the repo, or at least get a notification for all issues at some point. But that wasn’t the case. If I just assign them to the student, they get the notifications.