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The ‘run’ button in replit isn’t working for my students. I have it configured correctly (python3 <name_of_file> ), so I recreated rec’g the assignment via my "student’ account.

As the repo is loading into replit, it detects Bash as the language. After it’s completely loaded, some error message comes up where it asks to reload, I do that, and the ‘python’ icon is now above the replit. But, the run key is configured as bash. I’ve recreated this at least 5 times, each time the same.

The .replit file is in the replit repo, and it has the correct run command and language. But it will only work if I type “python3 src/” at the console prompt, and then hit run. Because the run button configured itself as bash.

Help please??

Ayo Bianca:

Might you share the exact content of your .replit file?

Yes. The file is on root. It works half the time.

language = "python3"
run = "python3 src/"

here you go :slight_smile:


What is the language of the repo in question? (Is its .gitignore file, for instance, the python-flavored one?)

Yes, here’s an example repo used as an assignment template

My syntax/style bot won’t work if it’s cloned outside of my organization FYI… :cry: sorry

Here you go

So, replicating…

Just went to, and imported from github, giving it this:

Out of the box, this was the content of ~/.replit:

language = "python3"
run = ""

Clicking the Run button yielded

'run' isn't configured in the .replit file
try adding 'run = "echo hello word"' to .replit

When I changed the content to what you provided:

language = "python3"
run = "python3 src/"

…and clicked Run, it worked fine.

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