Rejected Github Education Pack for unvalid rason

I had applied (March 10 2020) for Discount under Github Student Pack but it was rejected due to reason " Unfortunately, we weren’t able to approve your educational discount request submitted on Mar 10, 2020 for @Basarqari.

You applied from a location which does not appear to be near this school. If you are taking classes off-campus please reapply with documentation indicating so."

But I study at the same institute, its one of the most popular and technologically developed technical institutes of India(NIT Srinagar), I am a day scholar here which means I study full day here, also I uploaded valid Bonafide Certificate of my institute. Please check it.

And guide me, should I apply again with the same documents or submit my another identity proof like college issued ID Card or Admission receipt etc.

Please help me, I am eager to join this platform.


Also adding it that I study on campus, Day Scholar on the document means that I am not in hostel as this very college is near to my house and I got into this college through one of the most difficult exams of the world “JEE-Mains” and I study on-campus.

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Hi Basarqari,

It looks like they couldn’t check where you are in relation to the college, and not sure what certificate you are referring to, and if you want them to check it you should reply to the email your received, not on this forum.

They do suggest reapplying and I would strongly encourage you to use your college issued I’d card and admission documents that state clearly the end date of your course and your student status.

Hope this helps,


Yes I have applied again with another document. Later I contacted Github, and got to know that I had applied from far off place from my college, but I have applied again with new authentic admission document plus applied near my college

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I am suffering with the same thing. I thought I might have been on a VPN when I applied the first time, so I reapplied, but I just received the same response yesterday! I had applied from an on-campus hostel too! Not from my home or anywhere else away from the institute.

Please help! It’s been more than a month now since my first application.

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Welcome Back @IAmSuyogJadhav after 2 year happy to see in Github Community
Please used your college institute issued email address and apply from campus if you fail again then contact your institute it admin