Real-time feedback for students using continuous integration tools

(Vanessa) #1

Very excited to share this post with a step-by-step guide from @Omarasifshaikh:

Is there any way to automatically enable TravisCI for assignments?
(Thomas J Bradley) #2

Interesting! The Exercism website is really impressive—congrats to @kytrinyx.

I’ve been doing a lot of automated feedback stuff with my students too, but they’re more focused on HTML/CSS. I tried TravisCI for a short time but it became too slow for the amount & complexity of tests that ran (like HTML & CSS validator). So I switched to an Electron app that they can run on their desktops. The feedback from the students has been absolutely fantastic!

(Andreas Mueller) #3

Too bad that only works for very short travis runs or few student, as using classroom prevents students from using their own TravisCI student account :-/

(Vanessa) #4

Hey @thomasjbradley would you be available to demo your tests for me? Would <3 a gif of the tests running :slight_smile:

(Thomas J Bradley) #5

@mozzadrella Sure!

I made a quick video of me dropping a web design project into Markbot:

You can also check out the lesson I’ve created for the students on how to use Markbot:

(Vanessa) #6

Thank you thank you thank you!

(Omar Shaikh) #7

Students can always their repositories in order to build using their own Travis. You can also contact Travis support for a boost in concurrency.