Real-time feedback for students using continuous integration tools

Very excited to share this post with a step-by-step guide from @Omarasifshaikh:


Interesting! The Exercism website is really impressive—congrats to @kytrinyx.

I’ve been doing a lot of automated feedback stuff with my students too, but they’re more focused on HTML/CSS. I tried TravisCI for a short time but it became too slow for the amount & complexity of tests that ran (like HTML & CSS validator). So I switched to an Electron app that they can run on their desktops. The feedback from the students has been absolutely fantastic!


Too bad that only works for very short travis runs or few student, as using classroom prevents students from using their own TravisCI student account :-/

Hey @thomasjbradley would you be available to demo your tests for me? Would <3 a gif of the tests running :slight_smile:

@mozzadrella Sure!

I made a quick video of me dropping a web design project into Markbot:

You can also check out the lesson I’ve created for the students on how to use Markbot:

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Thank you thank you thank you!

Students can always their repositories in order to build using their own Travis. You can also contact Travis support for a boost in concurrency.

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