❓ What additional teaching tools can GitHub provide?

(Scott Sanicki) #1

Hi teachers!

GitHub needs your help. We maintain our list of good resources for learning Git and GitHub, we’ve introduced a few open source lesson plans, and we provide schools with helpful materials like our Git cheat sheet, GitHub Markdown guide, and GitHub for Robotics comic book.

But we want to do more.

What resources do you think are missing? Do you want to see further adventures of the comic book characters Flash, Buzz, and Sensor, which introduce other GitHub concepts? Would you be interested in additional lesson plans featuring GitHub and our Student Developer Pack partners? Are there more printed materials we could provide that would be useful to you and your students?

Let us know what you need. We’ll do our best to provide it.


(Ben Samuels-Kalow) #2

I wrote this GitHub for Teachers page for a PD if it’s helpful to anyone.

(Scott Sanicki) #3

Hi Ben,

Thanks for sharing that getting started guide for teachers introducing GitHub in the classroom! Would more guides like that be something you’d like to see us produce, or encourage the community to develop and share? If they’re community-sourced how would you like to see us curate them?


(Ben Samuels-Kalow) #4

I think educator-produced is great. Curated maybe by level of learners, command line vs. GitHub desktop…

(Scott Sanicki) #5

Noted. Thanks again.

(David Leuliette) #6

Hello @sanicki

First all your ressources are awesome!

When I do some courses, I have some advanced workflow for team.
Here are my slide if you want to have a look :eyes:

Maybe some uses case about the differents branches workflow or working with forks could be a great ressource

(Vanessa) #7

@flexbox: great suggestion.

Working on a piece about intentionally asking students to produce merge conflicts so they can resolve them. Will keep you posted on other effective advanced workflow examples. :slight_smile: