Question: Problem with Student's Repo

I’ve had an issue that’s popped up a couple of times (rare but annoying) where a student accepts an assignment but something happens while their copy of the repo is being created and it just never actually happens.

Anyone else have this problem?

Anyone know a solution?

I can say that going back and re-accepting the assignment doesn’t help.

Hi Sam,

Can you check the GitHub Classroom repository for similar open issues:

Please add your experience to the relevant issue.


I’ve had this too. The workaround has been either (1) delete the repository, re-accept the assignment, or (2) manually clone the skeleton and force-push to the failed repository.

This has been happening to me more often lately. I also accept my own assignment to make sure everything is good, and it happened to me during my testing once. I’ve been telling my students to let me know when it happens. The repository gets created, but it’s empty. I manually seed their repository with an initial push. It’s pretty annoying, but so far it only happens to 1 or 2 out of 25 students per assignment.

I also had this problem today, too. About 20% of students couldn’t import the task I set them. I used import code from another repository to get the work from my original repository to the students that way.
The good thing about doing it this way is that I can do it from my machine for all failed imports. Failed imports are easy to spot as they show with “0 commits” in the list.

@memm74 we’re doing an audit of all Classroom issues in the next month or so. Please stay tuned and appreciate everyone opening an issue with their bug reports.

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Just an observation. I usually either have no problems at all or many students are affected. In that case importing the files into the student space is even very slow as if the servers are too busy.

Thank you for letting us know.

I believe I am encountering a similar problem. Apologies if I am reviving a topic that was meant to stay dead and buried…

I released an assignment today via a GitHub Classroom invitation link. Out of 50+ students, one somehow ended up with an empty repository after accepting the assignment.

After reading a couple of issue threads related to this problem, I decided to delete his empty repository and have him once again accept the assignment. Unfortunately, the invitation link redirects him to a non-existent repository. My next attempt at solving this was to create an empty repo with the proper assignment name (assignment-prefix-studentghusername), add it as a remote to the source repo for the assignment, push to it, and provide the student with write access to the new repo. This works in that the student is able to access the assignment, but it does not appear in the list of student repos associated with the assignment.

My guess is that once the due date has passed and I clone all student repos for this assignment via the app, his will not be among those gathered via the GitHub Classroom Assistant app. Luckily, only one student ran into this error.

I would just like to know if there is a better way to handle (or avoid) this error in the future. For example, can I resolve it via some API call? From what I’ve read, template repos may be one solution to this problem (can any repo serve as a template repo, or are there structural restrictions?).

Are template repos the answer or has this kind of issue been encountered even with assignments utilizing template repositories?