Question about private repos

Hello, ive created an organization and has been approved for educational discount.

My students have created a “normal” github account.

The question is : Ifi add them to my classroom or add them by their @username, woould them be able to create a private repo ( copy of the first assignement for example). So when i create an assignement id give them a link of it. So they should generate a private copy of the assignement repo o would be forbidden as they only have a normal github account without private repos ??

I asked by mail @ccannon94, but just in case hes very busy, is there a way i can accelerate the process of getting the student pack to my students ( my organization has already been approved). For example a list with the usernames in github. I only need they could work with private repos as privacy and security laws.


If the assignment is marked as private, then the repositories referring the assignment will be private too, regardless of the type of account the single student may have created.

Sorry @ejgutierrez74 I don’t seem to have received your email

@pattacini is 100% correct, I would like to explain why:

When students accept an assignment through GitHub Classroom, the repository that is created is owned by your organization, not the students themselves. Therefore, because the organization has been approved, it can have unlimited private repositories.

One other note, your students should all be able to receive free private repositories while in school by signing up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, and I recommend encouraging them all to sign up for it.

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@pattacini Thanks for your help

@ccannon94 i have re-sent the mail to you… you can take a look to your spam folder( sent from my mail :wink:

Thanks the other thing i asked in the mail, is that my students have to apply every time i engage a different subject. With the actual structure of Classroom id need to create some Organizations ( about 5) so my students can enroll in my different subjects.

Sorry for my english and to disturb you, but its exciting and bit nervous to began a semester with a new focus using Github Classroom. When i got my classrooms and students enrolled i think id ask less questions…:innocent:

So your students do not have to reapply for each course, but you you will have to submit a discount request for each class to have its own organization! I think I’ve gotten to all your questions now @ejgutierrez74 but if not please ping me again :smile: