Pushing new changes to Github Assignment after students began


My colleagues and I created an assignment on Github Classroom that my high school students been assigned, and have already started working on. However, I noticed a few bugs in the template I provided.

I’d like to be able to fix them in my template repo, and have students pull these changes.

However, I’d like students to pull these changes through the web interface instead of the command line (many don’t have access to a shell due to district policy).

Is there a way for students to pull my changes in the template repo into their repository?

Failing that, is there a simple way I can write a script that updates things for them?

Here is what I would do:

Write a script to

  1. Pull all the student repos.
  2. Copy the updated code into each repo
  3. Push the repos

Of course, this only works well if the files you are updating are ones that the students aren’t likely to have modified yet. Steps 2 and 3 are pretty easy to do with any scripting language. I don’t know the easiest way to do #1 without already having a list of each student’s repo URL.