Purpose of roster? or How to show student ID instead of login?

I use Classroom for some of my courses.

I am a bit confused with purpose of roster.

I was convinced that Classroom will display students’ IDs/names instead of github logins. However when I browse repositories I can see only logins and I have to manually look for their real names in roster.

Can someone explain me that?

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I also wish the roster would show a combine github username and the ID I listed in the roster. I ended up manually creating a spreadsheet with both so I could look it up.

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I also have to store their class id in a spreadsheet in order to correlate. Also, there is no way for a student to look up their own id. It is not appropriate (or legal) for me to share their real student id with GitHub, so I create an anonymized class id which students frequently loose.


You can find the correlation in the manage classroom - roster management section.

I’ve entered all emailaddresses of students, and once they link them, I can see emailaddresses right above the github handle.

It would be nice though to see that as wel in the assignment overview.
You can add or search issues over here.

Vincent, Thanks for pointing out we can see the correlation of names in the roster management area. That saves me from maintaining a seperate spreadsheet.