Publishing container to a GH Repository


I was trying to publish a (docker) container to a GH repository. I used the docker command line to build and publish the container. However, I noticed that the container went to the organization packages instead of repository packages instead. Is it “normal”? If yes, how can I publish a container to the repository package instead of the organization package? (i.e. make the container only visible at repository level).


This is no longer possible.

GH changed the policy with the GitHub Container Registry so that all the images are visible from the organization straight away.

However, this shouldn’t be actually a problem. If one provides enough information from the README, it’ll be clear which repo the image is linked to.

Just an example.

Hi @pattacini ,

I see… doesn’t it mean the all images are public despite the repository is a private repository?


Hi @farhansj

Not at all: each package has its own settings and you can easily change the visibility option.

Hi @pattacini ,

Thanks for the information. I’m going to explore that.


PS: Sorry there was a typo in my previous message… it should be “does it mean…” my apology…

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