Project API

Good morning Coders,

i am newbie in development, i have this project i am working on please assist. Thank you in advance.

Features of System:

  • Allow users to register using email on the platform (verify the email / cell)
  • A project owner can upload a project brief (one pager PDF / jpeg)
  • Uploaded project brief must be accompanied by capturing (Requesting funds in Rands, deadline for funds requested, expected project completion date or funds refund estimate date)
  • All project briefs must be in a central place and users of the system can scroll through them to see one they are interested in.
  • Users can select a project and choose to pledge either the full requested amount / partial amount.
  • Requesting user can accept offers and withdraw the project (project gets off the list).


  • Dashboard page to show amounts total of current “active” open requests for funding and also show the current funded projects (where people funded)
  • These may be visually pleasing one-page dashboard with graphs if possible.