Product roadmap?

@tarebyte , thank you for all of the work you and your colleagues do to improve GitHub Classroom and continue to provide it as a free service to students and teachers.

Since development is now handled internally at GitHub, I was wondering if there is any public-facing product roadmap to replace the issues and project board used prior to the public repo being archived.

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As far as I know there is no active roadmap specific to GH Education. You could ask here -

:wave: from the Classroom team!

Starting sometime in the next month we will be using GitHub’s public roadmap to announce new Classroom features. We have not worked out the details of what that process looks like quite yet, but I will come back to this thread with details when we have them.


Thanks for the reply, @ohitsmekatie! That’s really exciting to hear. Happy 2021 to you and the Classroom team!

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